Officers and Directors
Charles Kaiser, President
Steven Custred, Member & Vice President
Terry Brittenham, Member
David Yost, Member
Architectural Control Committee (ACC)
  • The EAVHOA Covenants state, in short, that all improvements and/or alterations to your dwelling need to be approved by the ACC prior to commencement. Improvements and alterations include by are not limited to; a fence, a building, a wall, a storage shed, a cabana, a greenhouse, a playhouse, or pergola. For more information, see section 4.14 of the EAVHOA Covenants.
  • To submit your project for ACC approval, compose a letter to the association president detailing your proposed improvement or alteration.  Include a sketch of the proposed project and a drawing of your lot showing your house in relation to the proposed project. The letter, including the referenced attachments, can be submitted to the association president by e-mail.
  • The ACC is currently comprised of the above listed officers and directors. Depending on scheduling and availability of these members, turn around time is approximately 7 to 10 days.
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